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Photovoltaic parks

80kW PV park
Based on the latest legislation, photovoltaic parks/power stations fall under three categories, according to their power capability:

☀ Power ≤ 20kW
☀ 20kW < Power ≤150kW
☀ 150kW < Power

This categorisation is mainly concerned with the number and kind of permits required. In general, the higher the power produced, the more paperwork is needed. Furthermore, the purchase price creates two more categories, one for installed power capacity up to 100 kW (0,45€/kWh by August 2010) and the other for capacities larger than that (0,40€/kWh by August 2010). Bearing in mind that for the second category, the existence or formation of a company is a prerequisite, it is easily to see that the legislation encourages the adoption of solar energy production in segments of up to 100kW. Special regulations are in place for professional farmers. 2.7MW PV parkThe last time that applications for PV parks were accepted, interest was overwhelmingly higher than anticipated, so the process was put on hold. As soon as the procedures begin, it is highly likely that many will be shut out, so the sooner one is done with all the bureaucracy, the more chances they will have of seeing their investment plans come to fruition.

According to current law, the power capacity of a PV park cannot exceed 500kW or 1MW in case it is located in an industrial area. Larger investment plans are still faced with all of the pre-existing hurdles, as there is no mention for them in recent laws and they will probably have to wait for a common ministerial decree in the hopes that it will clarify things in that area.
As it was mentioned before, purchase prices will drop by about 5% every semester, starting from August 2010.

Legislation regarding Renewable Energy Sources

The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change has just released an English translation of law 3851/2010 regarding Renewable Energy Sources.


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